Feng Shui: 
Lifestyle is the Foundation of Health

Priya in Warm Bright Space.png

Lifestyle patterns may inhibit achievement of balance and health. To begin a huge shift in lifestyle, one must almost always begin in the home. This where Feng Shui comes in. 

Feng Shui translated from Chinese to English means “wind” and “water."  When you closely observe these elements in nature, you experience a “flow." In Feng Shui the main objective would be the placement of furniture and adjustment objects to enhance the general flow and balance of the space. Just as our bodies seek to achieve an optimal balance, our lives thrive when we achieve a balance within the home. 

Feng Shui can work to shift deeply rooted energetic patterns that create problems within our lives.  Our homes are reflections of ourselves. Once a client chooses to shift their surroundings to reflect the life they want, the change is also mirrored within.