Masters Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City

Licensed to Practice Acupuncture in New York and California
NCCAOM and California Acupuncture Board

Certified in Chinese Dietary Therapy and Advanced Acupuncture
Under the instruction of Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen of Jade Purity School

Certified in Feng Shui
Black Hat Sect of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism School

Trained in Classical Japanese Martial Arts
Active Member of Kobujutsu Kenkyu-kai Myofu-An Dojo of Japan


Also noteworthy:

Priya traveled to Beijing, China in 2009 to study acupuncture and herbs.  

Priya has treated hundreds of patients with various forms of disease ranging from acute physical pain to chronic degenerative disease, from psychological issues such as depression and anxiety to childhood trauma. 

Priya's practice is bi-coastal, and some services are available remotely.

Beyond her core services, Priya also offers intuitive bodywork, essential oil prescription, lifestyle modification counseling, and Bach Flower Remedies.




Being treated by Priya Ahuja has been life changing for me. As I am also an Acupuncturist, I can say from a very inside vantage point that she is a very intuitive and intelligent practitioner with wonderful specialized training in Classical Acupuncture. Ms. Ahuja has a natural ability to be gentle and strong at the same time, and she practices the medicine with the highest regard for what treatment needs to happen, at what time, for which patient. She truly understands how to rid the body of deeply rooted pathogens so that real and lasting healing can take place. Her treatments got me to a place where I could finally quit smoking–she did that without even trying.

Farrell Duncan, Licensed Acupuncturist

Priya is great! I've been going to her for a while for various things and she's able to help with any issues I have. She is very thorough and asks all the right questions to get to the root of the cause. Priya also offers great insight on nutrition, recommending what foods to eat depending on what I need to get the right balance. I don't know what I would do without Priya, and highly recommend her to anyone looking into acupuncture or nutritional assistance.

Sonia, AVP, JP Morgan Chase

I had a great experience with Priya, she is an amazing, caring person and really knowledgeable too. She reviewed all my history and her treatment was effective from the very first day. I highly recommend her.


I have had major struggles throughout my life with anxiety, low self esteem, and poor digestion. I came to Priya Ahuja for much needed help. I felt instantly calmer upon meeting her even from the very first moment. Her energy is grounding, intuitive and present. I particularly loved her suggested affirmations during our acupuncture sessions. They were gems that I would take home with me and repeat often. I always left our appointments feeling transformed and closer to a more confident calmer happy Jennifer. I highly recommend booking an appointment with Priya as soon as you can. Your body will thank you. I am grateful to her.

Jennifer K., Personal Chef

Priya has helped me tremendously. Each session is tailored to exactly what I need that day and at the same time my overall condition improves until that symptom eventually is completely gone. She's very thorough and a very sweet person, too.

Ann S.

I have been receiving weekly sessions for several months and can say my condition has noticeably improved. She inspires confidence and explains plainly what she is doing and why. I’m so happy to be receiving her excellent treatment and I highly recommend her.

Lynn C., Artist

Priya is an amazing healer. I cannot speak highly enough of her. I have felt unbelievable improvements starting the day after her treatments and lasting indefinitely. She has helped me make huge strides physically, mentally and spiritually. Priya is warm, caring, compassionate and so easy to talk to. I feel in such great care, and always look forward to my appointments with her, not only to talk through all of my crazy feelings, but also because I know how much better I will feel afterward. Priya is truly a brilliant, beautiful gift to all of us!

Tarra Gomory, Marketing

While at this point I’m no longer surprised by her competency/compassion, I continue to be grateful for Priya's healing. I feel healthier for the work I do with her. I honestly can’t say enough about the work she does with me. Each time, she amazes me…she is focused, caring, competent, thoughtful, and an innate healer. My world is so different since she’s in it. I have a view of my body/mind/spirit that is exponentially deeper because of the work I do with her with acupuncture. She seeks to empower me with her knowledge which has helped me remain an active player in my own healing. I am eternally grateful. 

Maureen G., Social worker

I've worked with Priya for a few months now and have seen effects literally the day after a treatment. She is knowledgeable, patient, very empathetic, and very gifted at her craft. She truly is a healer, both physically and spiritually.

Penelope H., Pediatrician

Priya is an exceptionally gifted practitioner. Having met several practitioners over my 30+ years, starting from the age of 17, I have never met such an outstanding acupuncturist. Her listening, intuition, and knowledge combine to provide a healing experience that is truly multi-dimensional. Results are instant, and beyond words. She is one of a kind.

Jacqueline R., Digital strategy and Product Leader

Priya is a wonderful healer, listener, therapist, and friend. I've been seeing her for almost a year. I first went to her for infertility issues, but we worked on my whole health picture - physically and emotionally. With her care, I got pregnant naturally after years of failed IVFs. My previous acupuncturists were cold and clinical, but Priya has a more holistic and sensitive approach. She listens to the patient and tailors her treatment/advice. I will never switch acupuncturists!


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24-Hour Cancellation Requirement 
All appointments missed or not canceled 24 hours prior to the appointment time will be charged in full. 

I am an "out of network” provider with the following major insurance companies: United Healthcare/Oxford, Aetna, Cigna, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. This is not an exhaustive list. I may be out of network for other companies as well. I can check your coverage for you before your first visit. Simply fill out the insurance inquiry form below and email it to I will get back to you within 2 business days with your acupuncture coverage.