Simple Ways to
Try Feng Shui for Yourself

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One of the most underutilized Feng Shui adjustments in the home is the usage of plants. Adding living things around the home can build, harmonize and lift the energy of the whole home. It’s important to take good care of your plants if you would like to use plants as an adjustment. If you are not a plant “person” or you don’t have a good amount of sunlight in your home to keep any plants alive, fake plants are just as good! I know what you are thinking, fake plants, BLEH! There are some really high quality, real-looking fake plants out there. In terms of Feng Shui, they do a great job of lifting and harmonizing the energy, 



Sound-high vibration sound, from items like windchimes, gongs, tuning forks, etc, really raise the energy of the home. Use them liberally, and strike them from time to time to appreciate the beautiful noises they make! 

Light Installation


Light is also a very important aspect of Feng Shui. Making sure that ALL light sockets have a working lightbulb, ensuring all light fixtures are connected to a working light and are operating well, and keeping the home well lit in general is a great idea for good Feng Shui. Natural light is also wonderfully healing for the home. So open up those shades and allow that sunlight to clean out the home!