Suggested Reading from Priya's Bookshelf

Tidying Up.png

The life changing magic of tidying up

Mari offers superior methodology for decluttering the home, a hugely important aspect of Feng Shui. She offers tips in removing the emotion from decluttering—which can create more permanent, painless and powerful results!

Floral Acupuncture.png

Floral acupuncture book

A marriage of my modalities-acupuncture and flower essences! Instruction on the super powerful method of applying flower essences directly to acupuncture points. 


the sleep revolution

Over 50% of my clients struggle with sleep. Poor sleep compromises our health, decision making, and our personal, work and sex lives. While it isn't a magic bullet, this book promotes acupuncture and herbs along with other lifestyle shifts to help calm your spirit and get a peaceful night's sleep.



This holistic dentist's journey and questioning about the safety and consequences of established dental practices like mercury amalgams and root canals is fascinating. I love that more and more health practitioners are moving towards a holistic approach. 


Codependent No More

I’ve referred this book to many clients who struggle with losing oneself in the name of helping another. A helpful reminder that we are powerless over changing anyone but ourselves. 



This book has paved the way for many great things for many great people. The author gives useful tools in a humorous presentation to loosen the hold that the ego has on us in order to step into a more fulfilling life experience with ease. A year after I completed this book, I had an in-person healing experience with the author which profoundly changed my life.