Stimulation to Achieve Balance, Flow, and Function

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Acupuncture is a dynamic medical system that has been designed to diagnose, prevent, and treat disease for over 2,000 years. It is the correct diagnosis of pathology and selection of the proper meridian(s) and points to treat that elicit results. 

Illness is caused by poor flow, deficiency, stagnation or excess of Qi (vital life force), Blood, and Fluids (Jin-ye). Illness can also be caused by an aspect of our constitution (Jing). The health of our qi, blood, and fluids is affected by lifestyle, diet, emotions and pathogens. The health of our Jing is mainly attributed to pre-natal conditions. 

The insertion and manipulation of hair thin needles in different acupuncture points that lie along the energetic meridians of our bodies balance the flow, amount, and function of Qi (vital life force), Blood, Fluids (Jin Ye), and Jing (constitutional substance). Each point has an indication and when needled with a specific technique, delivers that very specific message to ask the body to operate in a certain way. 

In general, a more acute illness requires less and more frequent acupuncture treatments and a more chronic illness requires a longer treatment plan. For example, a sprained ankle which happened a week ago may only require 2 treatments a week for 4 weeks, whereas a trauma that occurred in childhood may require 6 months to 1 year of consistent treatment. However, possibilities are truly limitless and it is quite possible to have tremendous results for an acute or chronic illness with very little treatment. 

With acupuncture, disposal sterile single-use needles are always used. Strict safety controls are observed in accordance with Federal and OSHA regulations. Supplementary therapies often included are moxibustion (heated mugwort herb), cupping (suctioning) and gua sha (scraping).